Giovanni Di Bennardo has his own interpretation of the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. In Sicily he started searching for his own roots very early. In those years he learned a lot about the austere fragrances and the different tastes. He learned to appreciate the mystic, warm manner of the residents and their unique kitchen.

Since then the country has not released him anymore. That is the reason, why the smell of the orange trees and the cypresses still enmesh him from far away. ‘How can I bring Italy to Switzerland?' That is, what Di Bennardo once asked himself. That day a new idea was born.

Everything started with some self-designed oil bottles. When the start-up was founded in 2002, the cellar room turned into a big creative office: the home for the modern la famiglia that maintains its position as a company and keeps on growing. Besides the own brands DI BENNARDO, DON DANIELE, cara cara and VIA PARINI, the company produces own brands of delicacies for supermarkets and for the retail trade.

Manufactories produce the high quality Italian specialities. For these creations DI BENNARDO already received some awards. Selected antipasti, excellent truffle products, spices and a sea of olive oil are taken from the field. Everything happens in order to protect the regions and the connoisseur’s health. Far away from the bio-Lifestyle, out of the heart of the Italian Gusto. Pleasure and high level celebrate the sweet life.

Italy is waiting. Follow us.

You just need your taste buds.

Giovanni Di Bennardo


The base for our success? Quality.

With DI BENNARDO delicacies we make a gift to our customers due to a high quality pleasure, zest for life and sociability. We create adventures in the Italian kitchen – and inspire beyond the table. That is our response to your longing for Italy.

Our strategy is oriented to the market. We focus our business orientation consequently on our customers’ needs. The stock company DI BENNARDO guarantees with its name for sincerity and authenticity in the own delicatessen products. Each of our employees is characterized by creativity, flexibility and competence. They identify with the company and invest all of their lifeblood in their work. We are a famiglia, not only colleagues.

The nature is the core of our DI BENNARDO delicacies. Our resources derive from fertile volcanic soil, from the sunny fields of Sicily and from the regions near the mineral-rich sea.

We get our products from sustainable companies. Biological, partial vegan, natural. Our customers’ health and their wellbeing are a resulting side effect which makes us sleep peacefully.

Outstanding achievements and unique products motivate us to position on the international market. From Switzerland through Italy all the way till the end of the world.

DI BENNARDO – voglio il meglio 

What can we do for your brand?

We ask Italy to come to our table. We live it, with every bite. Authentic, sincere.
DI BENNARDO delicacies are bought by a lot of people every day. They promise an Italy which inspires. An Italy which paints pictures of green olive trees, juicy tomatoes and mystical herb meadows. Produced in excellent manufactories.

In affectionate handcraft. With natural ingredients from traditional recipes.
100 % prodotto in Italia.

DI BENNARDO, DON DANIELE, cara cara and VIA PARINI. Four self-determined trademarks. Each of them is focused on a goal: They do not want to provide the gourmets with something they expect from Italy, but with something they dream of.

Except our own brands we manufacture food-brands for supermarkets and retail trade. Our network consists of the best producers of Italy. We have experiences in branding and in marketing – and we have the courage which is needed in order to make a brand surpass itself.

As a young, competent team we feel the passion, to make the strength of a high quality product shine. For pleasures which connect the people. Pleasures which give the longing for Italy a home.

What can we do for your brand?

DI BENNARDO – voglio il meglio 



OLIVE OIL AWARD - Best of Italy

BIO Zertifikat 2019 - BIO Inspecta Schweiz

DER FEINSCHMECKER 2018 - Beste Öle der Welt

GREAT TASTE AWARD 2018 - Guild of Fine Food

GREAT TASTE AWARD 2017 - Guild of Fine Food

GREAT TASTE AWARD 2014 - Guild of Fine Food

GREAT TASTE AWARD 2013 - Guild of Fine Food

OLIVE OIL AWARD 2013 - International Olive Oil Award

GREAT TASTE AWARD 2011 - Guild of Fine Food

FEINSCHMECKER 2008 - eines der besten Öle der Welt

GOURMAND 2006 - world cookbook award

OLIVE OIL AWARD 2006 - International Olive Oil Award

GOLDEN OLIVE 2004 - International Olive Oil Award

OLIO 2002 - Publikumsfavorit von Salz & Pfeffer


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